Yulya Anti-follower


Steam version



    1. Unpack Database files into Data folder.

    2. Plug esp in launcher.



Why anti? Conceived as an antipode for Seline Kate and other companions mods.


1. Terrible as death.

2. Unbearably slow follow speed.

3. Terribly stupid in combat.

Was originally carried over the marsh under Morfal, but in the final version of all the same I moved her into the Broken Tower (otherwise it would be to look at all unbearable).


Other Yulya's advantages:

-Yulya has friend - rabbit Senya.

-Yulya can dance Bo Peep, Bo Peep (if you'll ask her). What would she stopped, just step back away from her, or offer to exchange things.




Music: T-Ara "Bo Peep, Bo Peep"

MMD motion data: keeprefrigeratedful