Kiss them All!


Skyrim SE version (

Skyrim SE XB1 version (

v. 2.2.1

   Joke mod makes possible to kiss almost everyone in Skyrim./>

Required SKSE


   Unpack archive into Data folder.

How to use.

   Default "Hot Key" is "V".

   Walk near to any NPC (except children, sitting or sleeping NPCs) and press "HK".
You can see statistics at your diary "Kiss 'em All".


   Change Hot Key - "~","Set RSVKHK to (Dec Code of key)".

v 2.2.1

   -Fixed animation. Made multilanguage esp.

v 2.2

   -Fixed gender detection of leveled actors in diary (guards, bandits etc.)

v 2.1

   -Now, you can do Kiss Sound off. Enter to console in game "~" and write next string: Set RSVKissSound to 1. Value 0 will back Sound On.

v 2.0

   -Some changes in diary, countdown of kissed jarls
   -Maybe not compatible with versions 1.Х.

v 1.2

   -Removed ability to kiss corps, creatures and manakins.
   -Added award, if you'll kiss all jarls (currents and not, both.).