Dance Synchronizator
(light version)
Dance Pack's Creation

Required Soft.

1. BSA opt

2. Havok tools

3. Pattern + DSSoundTegUpdater + DSScriptGenerator

Tutorial is not descript how to makes animation. Instructions means, that you're already have hkx and wav files.

1. For BSA making I made a pattern. Download and unpack archive to any place of your disc. Better somewhere out of Skyrim folder.

2. Copy/paste into pattern folder Meshes/Actors/Character/Animation yours hkx files of dance.
Rename them as:
npc_applaud2 - animation of 1st dancer
npc_applaud3 - animation of 2nd dancer
npc_applaud4 - animation of 3rd dancer
special_cicerodance1 - animation of 4th dancer
special_cicerodance2 - animation of 5th dancer
You can use pattern names from content.txt

3. Adding sound teg into animation.

Main different of DS light then old versions is using full sync sound with animation. You have to write sound teg into hkx file to play music in game.
Open file npc_applaud2.hkx by Havok Tools and save into XML format.
Add sound tegs into the XML by DS sound tegs updater.
Save file and open again by Havok Tools, then save it back into HKX format (Win32:MSVC)

4. Adding Sound into BSA.

Mod is using sound files in wav format. But engine of Skyrim and especially BSA of this one is too picky for sound formats and even not every wav sound will work in game.

Use this settings for wav in BSA:

Sampling frequency 22050 Hz
Bitrate 16 bit (CD)

Save this sound into pattern folder Sound/fx/dancesound/ with name RSVSound.wav

5. Esp creation and scripts.

Generate scripts RSVDanceInit and RSVDefault by DSScriptUpdater into

Put dscustomdance.esp into Data folder, start Creation Kit and load this esp.
Open quests Character-Quest and rename RSV_Customdance_ID as you need.
Open Scripts there, open script RSVDanceInit.
Change values in script

RSVTimer - Dance length.
RSV_X(1-5) - Coordinates
RSV_Y(1-5) - of dancer's
RSV_aZ(1-5) - positions.

to you need. Compilate this script by "Save" button.

Enter into Items-Armor and open RSV_Default there, then open script RSVDefault
and compilate it too "Save".
Close all windows and save esp (Save).
Close Creation Kit Find in Data folder pattern esp dscustomdance.esp
and give a name to your dance pack.

Finish, all required scripts and esp are ready.
Move (Better do not keep in Skyrim folder!) files into Scripts of pattern folder and psc files into Scripts/Source folder (better to keep them at place).

6. BSA creation.

Start BSA opt as administrator.
Game - Skyrim
Compression - 0
Settings - uncheck all.

At upper window press Browse, find you pattern folder and press Use Folder.
At lower window press Browse and choose where to save your BSA,
you have to use name of esp, at this case it will DSCustomDance.bsa.
Then press Apply and Convert.

It's finish, Dance Pack is ready for using.
Copy/paste this BSA into Skyrim/Data folder and try your dance pack in game.